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Harman Singh Arora, Co-Founder of AxesTrack Software Solution’s, who has completed his masters from IIM Lucknow, has had a riveting start up story. Since its incorporation the company has grown with a series of new product developments and technological innovations in the GPS Analytics domain. His interest in technology and location analytics made him hungry to engage with the world around him in new and creative ways. “As an entrepreneur it was important to choose mentors and coaches wisely. Carrying the legacy of leadership at AxesTrack, I focused on perseverance, passion and commitment which are required to do any great work,” adds Arora.

Looking back at his achievements, Arora can trace how he has been able to create history by culminating AxesTrack and becoming one of the most trusted brands in the tracking and location analytics space among numerous esteemed partners and well satisfied customers. Today, AxesTrack boasts of having 1 Lakh and counting vehicles to its credit with a quarterly growth of 40 percent. AxesTrack is committed to continue its rapid advancement in the GPS and Location based Analytics market. “We offer an array of solutions that help in management of logistics operations, passenger transportation, fleet management, supply & distribution as well as pickup and drop services,” asserts Arora proudly.

AxesTrack was started out with very simple and standard GPS tracking solutions for all types of vehicle users, be it, commercial vehicles, private cars or cargo vehicles. As their solutions and services were marketed, they understood that the most acute need of sophisticated tracking and location analytics solutions was in the logistics space. AxesTrack’s Logistics Management Solution is a comprehensive platform to manage and monitor logistics operations catering to multiple types of stakeholders. Further, AxesTrack adopts a consultative approach to solution development, thereby building custom modifications in their solutions to solve customer specific problems and challenges.

" With a passion to constantly push the boundaries of technology in the location analytics space, and commitment to work with our customers to solve their challenges, AxesTrack is on track to achieve its aims. "

Complete and comprehensive ‘professional’ Fleet management solution
AxesTrack’s Logistics Management Solution, its flagship product, is a unified web and mobile platform to manage and monitor any Logistics operation. The solution is integrated with the customer’s ERP and any plant automation systems to provide comprehensive and seamless flow of information across all internal and external stakeholders.

With multiple modules ranging from Planning, Operations, Traffic, Finance and Analysis, the solution touches upon different functions of the client’s organization. Each module is self-sufficient and yet integrated to each other creating a very flexible architecture that allows us to customize the solution to include client specific functionalities. The company strongly believes in partnering with their clients, rather than being a vendor and consequently adopts a consultative approach to marketing. By developing a thorough understanding of their client’s operations and pain points, AxesTrack suggest the best basket of modules, develop features to solve their challenges and provide solutions that are truly beneficial to the customers.

The company’s Logistics Management Solution has different modules to plan vehicle requirement, manage in-plant logistics operations, monitor traffic and shipments, manage freight and finance and analyze performance. With a basket of web and mobile solutions for each stake holder in the value chain, every member has real-time and comprehensive information. With a wide-ranging feature set and ERP integrated AxesTrack’s solution influences and enables quick and informed decision making across functions and stakeholders.

In an instance, one of AxesTrack’s clients in the building materials industry had a very unique problem, for which they wanted a location analytics based solution. The client’s logistics operations involved delivery of goods by trucks from their manufacturing facilities to their dealer locations. For this purpose, the client had pre-negotiated freight rates between the two locations. However, deliveries weren’t always happening at the dealer location and instead re-routed at the behest of the dealer. This led to a lot of confusion and consequently loss in freight payments. AxesTrack worked closely with the logistics and marketing teams of client and developed algorithms to accurately identify the actual delivery location of a shipment, thereby bringing control over deliveries and visibility over freight responsibilities resulting in considerable savings for the client.

Guiding the Future
Arora, with his years of entrepreneurial experience advises all budding entrepreneurs to pursue their passion, prepare a To DO list,ask for advice, maintain healthy relationships while always learning to admit their mistakes and move on. “In order to survive you have to be open to failing and learning new things every day.There are many lessons that one can learn from being an entrepreneur. The most important lesson I would say was the importance of passion in a start-up. It takes a lot of experience, innovation, team-work, networking and capital to build a start-up successfully, but the most important ingredient of a successful story is passion,” he explains. It is natural for the founders to have passion, but it is equally important to imbibe that in every employee of the company.

Today, AxesTrack has come a long way to be able to say that every member of the company is as passionate as the founders. With the free and open culture at AxesTrack since its inception, Arora admits, this was not the most difficult lesson, but the most interesting one. AxesTrack employs more than 100 people across all offices and has a very open culture with a flat hierarchy that promotes efficient decision making and focusing on Encouraging discussions and creativity at the workplace, appreciating the top performers on regular basis. This culture has helped promote team spirit to bind the employees together since we have employee friendly policies and practical guidelines.

The company aims to be recognized as one of the world’s leading technology service provider to Logistics and Commercial fleet operations. “With a passion to constantly push the boundaries of technology in the location analytics space, and commitment to work with our customers to solve their challenges, AxesTrack is on track to achieve its aims,” concludes Arora.


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Harman Singh Arora
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