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Inspiring Results with Focus and Culture | Industry Era

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Darin Cook, CEO

Inspiring Results with Focus and Culture

A constant drive armed with an attitude of never being complacent is the secret to success for Darin Cook, CEO of SynchroNet, and his company. Established more than three decades ago, SynchroNet has culminated in one of the most sought-after IT Services firms. “When I bought the controlling interest in 2016, I had just exited a data center business, and saw the growing demand for cloud computing in general,” says Darin. “SynchroNet had joined the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner Network and started a small cloud practice. My vision was to fuel that initial cloud focus to accelerate the growth.”

When considering areas to focus on, Darin knew they needed SOMETHING that they could be the best in the world. After looking at different opportunities, technologies, and internal capabilities, he started focusing on end-user computing (EUC). The journey has not been comfortable; it’s required a great deal of discipline and focus. “We’ve had to continually ensure that we are not drifting away from our vision, but this has allowed us to take on that global leadership role within our specialty,” adds the steadfast leader. “In return, we’ve been granted exposure to world-class customers and the folks at AWS to build a knowledge base that allows us to be very creative in products, frameworks, and methodologies that we use across the spectrum of verticals and industry segments.”

Darin is continually striving and pushing for new and innovative ways to deliver high-quality service and meet the needs of the market more efficiently and cost-effectively for clients. He is consistently raising the bar for himself and the industry. With that desire, he is continuously coaching his team of employees and bringing out the best in them.

" The technology is irrelevant – it’s about employee experience and the ability to accomplish specific goals and productivity objectives "

End User Computing

SynchroNet endeavors to reinvent the way people interact with systems and applications via a culture of innovation, collaboration, care, and discipline. The process begins with two critical components of providing exceptional customer experience:

1) The way the organization engages with customers – and ensuring that there is an authenticity to the high level of care that they are delivering to their clients.;

2) Providing demonstrable value that truly aligns with their customers’ business objectives.

With those guiding principles at the nucleus, coupled with SynchroNet’s culture, product development, and go-to-market strategy – it has allowed the company to enjoy significant and sustainable growth.

SynchroNet’s thoughtful level of care for its customers extends to their end users who are interacting with those products. “Leveraging those two key components allows us to keep in mind that humans are consuming the products and technologies that we are deploying,” adds Darin. “We keep in mind that the end-user’s objective is to be productive. The technology is irrelevant – it’s about the user experience and ability to accomplish their specific goals and productivity objectives.”

For the last three years, the company has been working every day to enable their customers’ remote and contingent workforces and are recognizing the momentum in the marketplace to facilitate mobility while providing INCREASED security for accessing internal applications. The current environment has accelerated that momentum, and has put SynchroNet in a prime position to engage with and help organizations -- not only to meet current demands of urgent rollouts of work-from-home capabilities – but to position themselves for long-term, permanent solutions for their client’s mobile workforce to securely utilize applications. For instance, MAXIMUS—a leading provider of health and human services worldwide—who partners with state, federal, and local governments to provide communities with critical health and social service programs is one of SynchroNet’s clients. MAXIMUS used Amazon WorkSpaces and SynchroNet CLICK to replace their on-premise VDI infrastructure, empower their remote employees, and accelerate their adoption to the cloud.

Looking Towards the Future

The company sees an opportunity to take what’s commonly thought of as a legacy workload, EUC, and leverage the power of the public cloud to transform the ability of this workload to impact an organization’s ability to achieve business results positively. By enabling companies to provide access to internal applications and data securely, they are no longer bound by traditional hurdles. They plan to continue to grow along with building new practice areas, including large enterprise companies, public sector, education, alliance partners, ISVs, and service providers. There is a tremendous opportunity for SynchroNet to grow in each of these practices and leverage their subject matter expertise to deliver continued value for its customers

The SynchroNet team has engaged with customers around the world and helped technologists get the resources they need. Today, contractors have a secure way to access systems, teachers are able to provide remote learning for computeintensive courses, and first responders have access to the data they need to make critical decisions. “We take a lot of pride in the work we do, and most importantly, how we choose to engage with our customers,” says Darin.




Darin Cook, CEO


SynchroNet’s hyper-focus on end-user computing has allowed us to develop proven deployment, operational and automation capabilities supporting government, enterprise and partners globally. 

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