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Making Healthcare Accessible and Affordable | Industry Era

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Dr. Suresh Nellore, CEO

Making Healthcare Accessible and Affordable

Dr. Suresh Nellore, CEO of iDocsWeb,is a boardcertifiedphysician practicing Infectious Diseases for 20 years.Throughout his career, Dr. Nellore has always been deeply passionate about accessible and affordable health care. With the global population growing exponentially, he realized that humanity would soon be facinga significant health professional shortage, making it difficult for many people to receive quality care. With this in mind, Dr. Nellore began formulating plans to develop a telemedicine platform that could be used to bring patients, families and healthcare providers together for a fraction of the price.

iDocsWeb was founded in 2013 and was initially intended to give the general public access to physicians at any time. This model had several challenges, the most significant of whichbeing severe limitations in internet bandwidth and general lack of knowledge about telemedicine. iDocsWeb changed the focus shortly thereafter to target the LTC (Long Term Care) market. LTCs receive acute and sub acute patients from hospitals and are required to take care of them with minimal support, creating a challenging environment for patient care. In these facilities, iDocsWeb saw an opportunity to improve the lives of real patients who are underserved in the current healthcare system. Through the implementation of their cloud-based and HIPAA compliant telemedicine platform, patients in these facilities have been able to access acute care physicians at the touch of a button, providing an elegant and efficient solution to a long-standing issue.

Dr.Nellorehopes to inspire and empoweryoung entrepreneurs across industries into becoming great leaders with technical know-how. However, his most important advice is for entrepreneurs to follow their passion – not profits. “Our society has several unmet needs and our vision should be to bring compassionate solutions,” says Dr Nellore.

At iDocsWeb, “I have created an environment of open and easy access among all the team members and encourage my team members to participate in discussions freely without inhibitions or fear of persecution.” He says inorder to be successful, one needs to listen more and speak less

" “Our society has several unmet needs and our vision should be to bring compassionate solutions "

Dr. Nellore and his team strive to bring comfort and convenience to patients without the agony of long,tedious, and costly visits to hospital emergency departments or urgent care facilities. They are creating several verticals including virtual physician offices, ER, and urgent care utilizations for rapid and inexpensive physician visits. In making remote access more available to patients, their hope is that emergency room visits become more easily accessible to seriously ill patients. In addition to increasing the ease of access to medical care, the iDocsWeb team also hopes toto save patients time and money. The company is currently working towards becoming the sole telemedicine provider for all the LTCs and SNFs (Skilled Nursing Facilities) all over the world.

The ultimate goal for iDocsWeb isto become the backbone telemedicine platform of a virtual physician network (VPN) across the globe, allowing for patients in even the remote corners of the world to access top quality healthcare.“We would like to create a portable physician network (PPN) so that healthcare concerns during travels are eased,” adds the steadfast leader. “We also want to be able to use our platform to do charity work around the globe – diagnosing and treating millions of suffering patients with little to no access to healthcare.” iDocsWebalso aims to expand into the field of mental health, offeringaffordable, confidential, and compassionate care to anyone who needs help. “There is such a stigma surrounding mental health issues, which makes it difficult for many people to seek out help when they need it. We want to provide a safe, secure and loving healthcare environment to anyone who may not be able to access a therapist or psychiatrist for some reason,” adds Dr Nellore.

“iDocs is created by physicians who are compassionate about bringing the best possible care to the needy and in the process improve quality of healthcare in the USA and abroad.”




Dr. Suresh Nellore, CEO


iDocsWeb is not your average telemedicine company. Designed by doctors and refined by practicing LTC professionals, we have spent the last six years developing a product to specifically address the needs of Long Term Care / Skilled Nursing Facilities. 

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